always bring something to the party

Today Business Insider published GS Elevator's Guide to Being a Man. I anticipated a douchey rant on bottle popping and black cards (sorry finance friends) but was pleasantly surprised by the list of very on-point lessons for the modern man. So gents, listen up. Read this. Do these things. Consider it like a post-snapchat era update to dad's Brooks Brothers Guide to Being a Gentleman. And get off your phone. No self respecting man takes a selfie. 

If you are wittier than you are handsome, avoid loud clubs.
— GS Elevator Guide to Being a Man (Business Insider)

pack your weekender: labor day edition

it's the weekend, and a long one at that. I've rounded up my menswear essentials for any weekend adventure. Now pack up, and go. There are oysters to be shucked, lobsters to be baked, and beers to be drunk (pool side, with the Michigan game in the background, of course). Happy (Holiday) Weekend, Everyone! 

bright swim trunks (Saturdays NYC)

the perfect crisp white shirt (Bonobos)

shades, of course.  (TOMS)

headphones (because your sister's friends brought friends to the beach house)*

classics that go from beach to bar (Vans)

a light weight, expandable, and waterproof way to carry it all (Makr)

And of course, something to read while you soak up the last (official!) rays of summer.


*we love these super cheap (like $7 cheap) and surprisingly great sounding headphones since we're constantly losing ours... I'd suggest you grab a pair, or four.


this week's six.

snapshots of six things inspiring me this week...

1 // gentleman, Istanbul. from atlin's upcoming book shape of an ear   2 // my visit to shinola hq  3 // high snobiety's perfect capture of the nike flyknit+ multicolor  4 // The 16 yr old behind unwashed denim  5 // briggs goldberg's détroit players tee 6 // fall13 preview with vince

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